Protective Coatings



About Protective Coatings

Asian Paints PPG offers a global range of high performance, heavy duty, protective coatings, designed to protect its customer' assets in the most demanding environment conditions.

The protective coatings range includes products for application on various metallic surfaces such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel as well as masonry / RCC substrates.

The company has experience across a wide range of industries. The markets served include nuclear, thermal and hydel power plants, refineries, offshore and onshore oil & gas structures, chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer plants, sugar and pulp & paper industries, etc.

The company offers a complete product range that includes epoxy coatings, zinc silicate primers, polyurethane, polysiloxane, and glassflake coatings, heat resistant paints, tank lining coatings, surface tolerant and rapid recoat coating systems, among others.

For cryogenic conditions & to prevent corrosion under insulation of carbon steel and stainless steel, the company offers specialized coatings – eg. 'Hi-Temp 1027.' The company also offers specialty coatings for passive fire protection.

The company's high performance painting systems are comprehensively tested to meet international standards such as Norsok M 501, ISO 20340 & ISO 12944 and are certified by various reputed and acclaimed Indian & international institutes and laboratories.

The company offers products under global brands such as ASIAN PAINTS, SIGMA & AMERCOAT.

While addressing the requirements of several non-auto OEM customers, the company works closely with these customers in developing specific coatings that address the needs of asset protection, productivity, aesthetics and requirements arising from improved coating processes; processes that improve productivity. Asian Paints PPG has a decisive edge and experience in undertaking research and development work on reliable tailor-made coatings for its customers. The company can offer complete solutions, not only on the choice of the appropriate types of coatings, but also on pre-treatment, coating application and curing technology.

Responsive Technical Service:

Asian Paints PPG offers technical advice and assistance on the selection of appropriate painting systems for its customers' assets, for both new & expansion projects and requirements arising from maintenance in existing units & facilities. The company has qualified and certified technical executives who can be assigned for providing technical assistance and onsite application and inspection support.