Powder Coatings

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About Powder Coatings

Asian Paints PPG is a large and significant player in the Indian powder coatings market, supplying quality products to industries manufacturing refrigerators, air conditioners, household electrical and other goods such as fans, lights fittings and hardware, light and heavy industrial electrical goods and equipment (including distribution boxes, control panels and generator sets), appliances, furniture etc. The company's technical knowhow, excellent service and the quality of its products are unmatched. This has helped the company become the preferred partner to all its clients.
The company believes that its commitment to service contributes to the success of its customers.

The company actively works with its clients to develop specific products for their needs.

The company is committed to continuously improving its already strong business relationships, outstanding record of service and its excellent technical expertise and capabilities.
The company's success is predicted on the knowledge, expertise and commitment of its people and their ability to work together with customers to develop innovative and efficient solutions for today's demanding needs.

While working on enhancing customer experience, the company is also aware of the importance of safeguarding the environment in which it operates. The manufacturing plants supplying the company meet stringent environmental standards and requirements. The company is committed to making the required efforts to preserve the environment.

Asian PPG offers the proven high performance brands "Apcoshield" & "Hawcoplast", with world class technology & products.

The company's product range consists of Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid, Epoxy, Pure Polyester, Polyurethane coatings, specialty powder coating products for corrosion-protection, anti-bacterial coatings, Architectural durable coatings, non-tarnish metallic coatings, Exotic Pearl Finishes etc.

Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing plants supplying the company are located at Sarigam (near Vapi) in Gujarat, & Baddi in Himachal Pradesh in India. The combined production capacity exceeds 7500 MT. The plants have an excellent range of engineering equipment designed to manufacture a wide range of powder coatings to meet exacting end-user requirements of quality and value. The plants continuously undertake programs to improve their processing and engineering capabilities and expertise.

Offer to Customers:

The Company is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the complex processing and business requirements of its customers. The company is backed by strong research and development work in its sustained efforts to provide new solutions, introduce new products and finishes, update its capabilities and knowledge and upgrade the performance of its powder coatings. These efforts are directed at consistently providing superior value to customers.